Green Building Design

The building is environmentally friendly – Green Building Design

Ruby Blue hotel was built as a low energy building, designed with respect for the environment.

Hotel RUBY BLUE is designed to be the most considerate to the environment, while providing maximum comfort and convenience for hotel guests and restaurant visitors. The hotel also offers accommodation for physically disabled guests, including wheelchair access into the shower. Disabled access is also ensured to the restaurant.

Air conditioning units in the rooms are automatically turned off, when guests leave their rooms. Standard rooms are equipped with shower boxes, that consume less water than bathtubs.

All rooms are equipped with air ventilation units with heat recovery, which decrease heat consumption in the ventilation of up to 90%, in the heating period. The solar collectors, for heating up the hot water for the hotel and restaurant, are mounted on the hotel roof. There are also high capacity hot water tanks placed in the hotel, which store heat from the collectors and reduce the immediate energy consumption for water heating. Consumption of hot and cold water is optimized by using water-saving shower heads in the rooms.

When designing and constructing the hotel were further respected following Green Building Design principles:

  • The outdoor blinds used on the south side of the hotel, to reduce solar gains in summer
  • Low-temperature central heating systems with lower heat loss distribution of the heating medium
  • Gas condensing boilers with improved efficiency are located at the place of of heat consumption
  • Above standard insulation of the building envelope, wall and roof envelope
  • Increased distance glass windows, using plastic spacers to increase the thermal resistance and sound insulation of windows
  • Sound proof aluminum windows with triple sealing
  • Energy-saving light sources in combination with LEDs, which are used throughout the building, reducing energy consumption
  • The hotel elevator of the latest generation without machine room, with reduced power consumption

We all care about the environment

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