Clean Air Rooms

Camere con aria pulita – Il sistema di ventilazione

Low energy building with ventilation units in the rooms.

Hotel RUBY BLUE is unique not only in its design and location, but also by its premium services, which include first and foremost its healthy environment through ventilation of rooms by air handling units with heat recovery. The incoming air to the hotel building is through heat recovery preheated by the warm exhaust air.

Hotel Ruby Blue Ostrava, to our knowledge, is the only hotel in Ostrava with ventilation units located at individual rooms and one of a small number of hotels in the Czech Republic thus equipped.

The rooms are guaranteed to have a supply of fresh air even when the windows are closed. The air is filtered and does not contain dust or allergens. Consumed air is removed together with excessive moisture, odours and harmful substances.

Clean and healthily circulated air is provided by ATREA ventilation units installed in each individual room. These units meet the requirements of the German Institute for Hygiene of ventilation equipment ILH Berlin. The equipment is assessed according to European standards and directives Germany (VDI 6022) and is certified.

The units are operated in the hotel mode and in the mornings and evenings the entire air volume of each hotel room is fully exchanged and refreshed, regardless of whether the room is vacant or occupied. This ensures that each guest enters the room to breathe in fresh air.

In the bathroom there is the individual control of the air handling unit that allows rapid exchange of air in hotel room and bathroom.

The unit also automatically starts when the sensor detects an increased content of CO2 as the air in the room is breathed out. This mode has been designed to not disturb hotel guests by continuous operation of the ventilation unit during the night and there is no unnecessary cooling or overheating your hotel room, when not occupied.

The hotel rooms are equipped with individual air-conditioning to ensure thermal comfort according to the wishes of every guest.

The rooms are included in the non-smoking zone.

There is a fresh air in the hotel room even without opened window

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