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Hotel Ruby Blue Ostrava - hotel with original design in the city center

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Hotel Ruby Blue is unique not only in its design and location, but also by its premium services, which include first and foremost its healthy environment through ventilation of rooms by air ventilation units with heat recovery. The rooms are guaranteed to have a supply of fresh air even when the windows are closed. The air is filtered and does not contain dust or allergens.




Come and enjoy the atmosphere of new Italian Restaurant Da Giorgio in Ostrava on Stodolní Street. We serve delicious steaks, pizza, pastas, salads and other specialties of Italian cuisine. Happy and willing to serve you with our food and we will try to fulfill all your wishes. Come and enjoy the atmosphere of our little Italy. Buon Appetito


We offer our customers individual hotel brand so they can find the deal that best meets their needs and expectations. Our hotel attach top priority to customer satisfaction and high-value service. Another essential element of our strategy is respect for the environment (Green Building Design)

Hotel Ruby Blue Ostrava **** offers comfortable and stylish accommodation. New modern and comfortable four-star hotel is located in the city center. It is popular with clients for an ideal location, renowned cuisine in the restaurant and the staff always treating guests with personal care. The rooms have ventilation system with heat recovery - fresh air with the windows closed. Rooms are air conditioned. The hotel's conference room is fully equipped with modern technology. Free WiFi and fenced parking lot right in front of the hotel.


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